Does Your Dog´s Behavior

Have You Barking Up A Tree?

 Then Read On to Discover How Germany’s Leading Dog Expert Will Turn Your Bad Dog Good In Only A Few Short Weeks….



From:  Johanna Esser

RE:  A More Fulfilling Relationship Between You and Your Dog

Dear Fellow Canine Lover,

There is a reason people say that a dog is man’s best friend…

Dogs are loyal.  While other friends might be unreliable, or inconsistent, a dog will always have your back.


Want to go for a run?  Your dog wants to go for a run too!

Feeling lazy?  Your dog is ready for an all day cuddlefest!


No matter who you are, or what you love doing, your dog wants nothing more than to be by your side.


Perhaps what I’m trying to say can best be summed up with a simple quote:


“Dogs Are Not Our Whole Lives, But They Make Our Lives Whole”

 – Roger Caras


Which is why, if you’re struggling to train your dog, it puts a serious strain on what should be one of life’s greatest joys…

When your dog isn’t behaving the way he or she should be, it feels like there’s a dark rain cloud over your head.


Does Your Dog…

  • Pull at the leash.  Ever try going for a walk, only to feel like your pup is going to pull your arm off?  Not only does this turn what should be a joyful activity into something you dread, it’s unhealthy for your dog too.  All of that pressure on his neck can cause serious respiratory issues.
  • Make a mess of your house.  There’s nothing more upsetting than coming home to a house that’s been trashed by your dog.  Whether he’s been tearing up your linens, chewing on your favorite pair of shoes, or making “mistakes,” everywhere, it’s simply unacceptable.
  • Love to hunt.  Does your dog love chase lizards, birds, rodents, or anything else that’s tiny and moves fast?  This is dangerous (what happens when he chases something more menacing, like a coyote or badger?) behavior that you have to control. 
  • Exhibit aggressive behavior.  Is your dog territorial, scaring your houseguests with his menacing behavior?  What happens when he takes it too far, biting at a close friend or even a small child?
  • Act too dominant.  Your dog might be the sweetest dog to you, but an awful bully to other dogs.  Your pup needs to play nice.  What happens when if he takes his dominance too far, and harms another dog?  At the least you’ll be paying for the vet bills, but it could be a lot worse than that…
  • Not come back when you call him.  Many times, our dogs don’t know when they’re in dangerous situations.  That’s why it’s your responsibility to help protect them from potential dangers such as cars and predatory animals.  You must be able to call your dog, and make sure that he or she comes running to you every single time.


If you answered yes to any of the behaviors listed above, then you need to take action to correct right away! 


Life is too short and time is too precious to have your dog causing you stress, fear, and anxiety.

That’s why I created DogTraining24the ultimate training program guaranteed to rapidly improve your dog’s behavior. 

In just a moment, I’m going to share with you exactly what my program is all about, and exactly why it will transform the way your dog behaves…

But first, you’re probably wondering who I am, and why I’m so confident I can help you…


About Me:

 Johanna Esser


  • I’m an expert dog trainer who has helped over 1,000 people to train their dogs.  In fact, I’m generally recognized as one of the leading training experts in all of Germany, my home country.
  • My 2010 book, How to Train Dogs – The Way the Best Dog Trainers Work,” continues to be one of the best loved dog training books in Europe.
  • I was the chief editor of one of Germany’s largest and most popular dog training magazines for “5” years.
  • In 2013, my own Dog-Training magazine will begin being published across the entire country of German.



So as you can see, I’ve devoted my life to working with dogs.  They’re what I love, and they’re what I know.

And while I may be from Germany, dogs only speak one language:  “Dog.”

Fortunately for you, “dog” is a language that I’m fluent in.

Okay, so I know you’re a dog training expert, but what makes DogTraining24 so Special? 

DogTraining24 is an entire online training course consisting of over 50 high quality videos; each designed to transform a specific aspect of your dog’s behavior.

Each video walks you step-by-step through the most vital dog training techniques that you need to know.

It’s a lot like having your own, personal, dog trainer right there by your side.  It works for puppies, and it works for salty old dogs who seem set in their ways.


And the videos are divided into 12

easy to navigate sections, each covering

a different area of dog training, including…


Attention & the “Basics”

There are times when you need to get your dogs attention.  In this module, you’ll discover how to make sure your dog drops everything he or she is doing, and focuses on you.  We’ll also cover basic commands, like SIT, LAY DOWN, COME, FETCH, HEEL, etc.


No more pulling on the leash…

Like we talked about before, if your dog is pulling on the leash, it will ruin your walk.  Leash pulling also leads to series health concerns for your dog.  I’ll teach you fast and simple tips that will absolutely eliminate leash pulling from your dog’s behavior.


Removing the Leash – Safely Giving Your Dog More Freedom

Of course, I don’t even use a leash when I’m walking my eight dogs.  I’ll show you how you can do the same, giving your dog more freedom while knowing he or she will be safe. 


Perfect learning with playful exercises!

One of the best ways to teach your dog obedience is through fun, but structured, exercises.  In this section, I show you numerous playful exercises you can do – activities that will improve your dog’s behavior while making him wag his tail.


Guarantee Your Dog Never Enters Harms Way 

One of the scariest feelings in the world for a dog owner is when you call your four-legged friend, and they don’t respond.  Whether you’ve lost site of your dog, or they’ve become involved in a dangerous situation, you MUST be able to call your dog back to you quickly and safely.  In this module, I show you exactly how to recall your dog safely every single time.


Understanding Your Dog. 

A major reason people struggle to train their dogs is a lack of understanding.  If you don’t understand your dog, and your dog doesn’t understand you, then there’s little hope for achieving the behavior results you want.  That’s why I created this module, which gives you a comprehensive guide to creating bulletproof communication with your pup.


How does your dog learn?

There are times when things just don’t work in a human-dog-relationship. A lot of times it is just a matter of tiny conditions which need to be changed. Get rid of them and see how your dog’s behavior suddenly changes!


Indoor and Outdoor Activities 

We all know that dogs are incredibly smart.  So why do we think that the only activities they’ll enjoy are playing “fetch?” In this module, I show you some activities you can do with your dog, both indoors and outdoors, stimulating their minds and making them much happier creatures.  After all, much of a dogs’ negative behavior comes from being bored…


Stress-Free Dog Ownership

There are, of course, many every day problems that we all face with our dogs.  From jumping up on people to over Dogs and the sofa! Your dog has issues that simply must be addressed.  In this module, I target specific behaviors that you want changed, and show you exactly how to gain the results you want.


Playing the right way

Each dog is different.  The way one dog likes to play may seem like a terrible bore to another dog.  So I created this module to help you understand exactly how your dog likes to have fun, and to show you the ways you can meet this important need.


Dog training aids

There are thousands of dog training aids out there, and they’re not all created equally.  In this module, I’ll show you which dog training aids are the best, and how you can use them to get incredible results.  None of them are expensive, and they can be picked up at your favorite pet store, or online.


No More Hunting. 

When dogs hunt, it’s very dangerous.  Not just for the animal your pup is terrorizing, but, more importantly, for your dog.  That’s why I show you how to control this instinct in hunting breeds, making sure they are safe and sound at all times. 


Now the retail value of this program is $147…(NOT YOUR PRICE!) 


But when you act today, you won’t pay anywhere near this much!

The “catch”, however, is that the discount will only be available for a short period, so you need to act soon.

And before I reveal how massive this discount really is, let me tell you about the exciting bonuses I’m going to throw in when you act today….

As a special offer that will only be available for the next 100 customers…


I’m adding three priceless bonus modules

…guaranteed to have you in awe of the

incredible changes you see in your

dog’s behavior…


Bonus Module 1:  Clicker Training – How to Get Started

Most people think that clicker training is something that only the experts can do.  The truth is, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In this module, I show you exactly how to start with clicker training, creating a “secret language between you and your dogs,” bringing you instant results that will have your friends and family begging to know your secret. 


Bonus Module 2:  Clicker Training – Advanced Techniques

In this special bonus module, we build on what you’ve already learned regarding clicker training, and teach your dog how to perform advanced tasks using just the clicker.


Bonus Module 3:  Go Tracking!

What is tracking?  It’s the perfect way to mentally engage your dog while alleviating his desire to “hunt” and cause mischief.  It can be done from virtually anywhere, and will be an activity that your four legged friend absolutely loves.


Bonus Value:  $79.99…included for FREE



Included for free when you invest in

DogTraining24, but only if you act right now.


And, the program is entirely guaranteed!

If you don’t experience incredible results from DogTraining24, you have 60 days to get a full refund.  That means that even if you sit on this program for 30 days, you’ll still have an entire month with no risk to start seeing real results

Or, if you decide to go back to having an unruly dog, that’s fine too.

No matter what the reason, simply send me a message and I’ll quickly and quietly give you your entire purchase back, no questions asked.

There is absolutely no risk, and everything to gain.




What about using a trainer or obedience classes?

Of course, you could hire a private trainer to work with your dog…

But how much would that cost you? 

Upwards of $50 per session, not to mention a stranger showing up at your home…

And how many sessions would it take?  Typically, a dog needs at least 10 training sessions to start showing results, so you’re looking at an expense of over $500.

You could also take your dog to obedience classes…

But these will run you upwards of $300…

Plus, you have to drive your dog to the classes, leave him alone in a room full of other dogs he doesn’t know, and hope the class instructor really knows what he or she is doing…


That’s why DogTraining24 is such an exceptional offer!


You get world class dog training, in easy to understand video lessons, that are guaranteed to transform the behavior of your dog.

You can access this program 24 hours a day, from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace. 

Plus, while other training options will cost you hundreds of dollars…

DogTraining24 can be yours today for only $147 $47

(TRY 1 WEEK for $1 NOW)!


But you must know, this is a limited time price, and it will rise soon. 

I want to give people in the U.S. a chance to experience the same program (in English, of course) that has changed the lives of over 1,000 German dog owners.

Once the U.S. launch period ends, the price will go up, so you need to act now.
This is not a subscription, or a standing order. You simply invest in the program today, and immediately gain unlimited access to the training content that this program provides for life. 

Plus, you’ll get the three bonus training modules, a $79.99 value, at no extra charge when you act today.

Plus, I constantly update this program with more training lessons, and you’ll gain all of these at absolutely no cost if you act now.

By saying, “yes” to DogTraining24, you’ll be guaranteeing that you continue to build a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with your dog for years to come.

Don’t let negative behavior ruin dog ownership for you forever.

Simply click the button below to get started right now.  Once you do, you’ll be given access to the entire program, allowing you to start getting incredible results with your dog in as little as 30 minutes. 




To a long and healthy future for you and your canine both,

Johanna Esser

P.S.  Remember, this is the absolute lowest price that you will ever see offered for this program – so take advantage of it while it lasts.

P.S.S.  I love dogs, and I know you do too. Take action today, and avoid the risk of growing to resent your dog.  Click on the button above to get this program today.


Q & A

What if I have multiple dogs?
The amazing techniques that are contained within Dog Training 24 will work for all of your dogs, even if you have a handful. And while you’d have to pay for trainers or courses for each dog individually, you only make one investment for unlimited access to my program.

When do I see the lessons? Where are the lessons?
Immediately after your registration you will receive an email with the homepage of the course and your personal password. You can immediately log in to the course and watch the lessons.

Is the course in German?
What? No! The entire program is presented to you in flawless English, ensuring you understand exactly how to implement my methods to achieve your desired results.