Are You and Your Dog Properly Benefiting from Your Dog Training School?

Sometimes dog owners take classes at dog training schools in order to better their dog’s behavioral skills as well as their relationship with their canine friend. You are probably reading this article because you are one of those people. But maybe you aren’t so sure that you are properly benefiting from the training you paid for and you would like to know the process and the steps at which your dog should be grasping the knowledge he is gaining from his dog training school.

A good thing to keep in mind is that dogs can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to grasp a behavior, command, or trick. It all depends on the dog, as well as the behavior he is being taught. For example, a German Shepherd may grasp house training faster than a Dachshund, but the Dachshund may learn leash training much faster. Also, any dog is probably going to learn a command like “sit” much faster than one like “drop and roll.” So if your dog is not learning as fast as you believed he would in his dog training school, give him a little more time before worrying about the course itself.

Also, always keep in mind that during a course at a dog training school that you attend once a week, you can expect that your dog will learn the commands taught each week within the week that they are assigned (as long as you do the “homework” the instructor suggests for the week). With the proper work and commitment from you to ensure he learns each behavior as he should, your dog should be strutting his behavioral knowledge in no time!

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