Common Dog Health Problems to Watch For

As we all know, dogs get health problems sometimes. It is unfortunate, but we all must deal with it at some point or another. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most common dog health problems so that you can be prepared and catch the problems early on when they are much easier to treat. Here is a list of a few common dog health problems and what generally comes along with them.

  • Parvo: You may or you may not have heard of this dog health problem. But it is a common one and it is very deadly. Timing is key with parvo and it is absolutely dire that you bring your dog to the vet as soon as you believe this may be what he has. You may hear about the at-home miracle cures, but half of the time (if not more often), they do not work. It is beyond a good idea to bring him to be seen asap. But be sure to call ahead to prevent the spread of this highly contagious illness.
  • Flu: Unlike parvo, the flu is a much more curable dog health problem at almost any stage. However, your dog may be sick quite a while and it is good to keep in mind that they feel very similar to people (and influenza can be transferred from people to dogs) and that you should bring him to see a vet and get medicine to soothe his sickness, just as you would yourself.
  • Arthritis: Although this may seem like less of dog health problem than parvo or the flu, it is not. Older dogs suffer greatly from arthritis and it can be very painful for them. It is also very common. It is kind to see a vet and obtain medicine to help your canine friend feel relief from this weakening illness.
  • Giardia: You probably haven’t heard of this one, but it is an all too common dog health problem and it generally goes unnoticed until a vet is seen. It is a bacterium which usually comes from stagnant water.

There are countless illnesses in which your dog can come across, either in nature or because it was somewhere in his blood. Always seek medical attention and do the best for you dog that you can. He doesn’t want to be in pain any more than you or I, so it is our responsibility to take care of that when the need arises.

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