Common Signals that your Dog’s Health is Plummeting

Many dog owners get so attached to their dog that they fret at the smallest implication that their dog’s health may be going downhill.  Your dog is very smart and he will always do his best to make it aware that he is not feeling well and that his healthy may be going downward. Your job is to pick up on these simple signals.

There are actions that help everyday dog owners to know when their dog’s health may be sloping downward. One of them is the ever-popular dry nose. There are many reasons why your dog’s nose is dry, but being sick is one of the more abundant reasons and should be checked out. Another very common sign of bad dog health is when a dog is acting lethargic or lying about more than usual. You may also begin to notice your dog start to hack or throw up; this is a huge sign of illness and can mean anything from a common flu to something much more serious. You could also see discharge coming from their eyes and nose, which is commonly a sign of a cold or infection.

If your dog ever acts different than usual, it is a good idea to bring him to see a vet. Although many use a vet as a last resort, the illness your dog has may be worse than what meets the eye (as is very common in dogs). Generally, most dog sicknesses can be patched up with a round of antibiotics to help Fido fight off his sickness, but it always good to stay on the safe side and ensure the health of your dog.

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