Crate Training Your Dog Properly

Crate training your dog can be a simple process if only you follow a few rules and guidelines to ensure the proper introduction of the crate. A dog crate should never be used as punishment; this is not the purpose of crate training. A dog’s natural instinct is to hide in small places and caves so if the crate in properly introduced, crate training your dog should be a breeze.

Always keep in mind that anything new to a dog should be done slowly in order to make sure they remain comfortable with the idea of it. A crate can be a dog’s safe haven or it can be his torture. The best advice you can receive about crate training is to take it slow.

Start by feeding your dog in the crate with the door open. He should have no reason to be worried about going in at all. Do not close the door at this stage. Feed him in his crate and hive him chew bones in his crate for the first couple of days at least. Do not close the door until he is lying in his crate comfortably without hesitation.

Once he is lying in his crate comfortable, begin by closing the doors (make sure he has chew bones or something) in small intervals so as not to stress him out. Stress is the last thing we want at this stage. We want him to love his crate. Increase the amount of time you close the doors a little at a time. Do not ever let him get to a stressful point of wanting out. Eventually you will build up to being able to leave for short trips and in due time he will have no problem staying in his crate at night or even while you are at work.

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