Five Things You Should Know About Dogs before Adopting

There is little about adopting a dog that will cause much pain and frustration, but it is not unheard of. It is good to keep in mind that there are certain traits about dogs that you should watch for (depending on your situation) before you adopt, especially those sweet old pound sweeties. Adopting a new friend from the pound is commonly referred to as “just about one of the most rewarding things to do.” Knowing in your heart that you helped that animal to have a better life is not a feeling too comparable to others. Pound pups are commonly perceived as “troubled” or “used,” but these are living animals and with a little work and time, you will surely see the rewards that adoption can offer. Here are five topics you should know more about before adopting:

One: Always make sure you get to know the about the dog and learn about his personality to ensure he will fit well with your family. Most rescues or pounds offer a “refund” within a certain amount of time, but keep in mind this is not merchandise and that dog doesn’t want to go back after he leaves.

Two: Ensure the dog you are planning to adopt is ok with kids, cats, dogs, or whatever else you have as an obstacle to him in your home. Ask as much as you can about this subject so you will not have to return the dog later because of a mishap.

Three: Ask the shelter about his past. Things such as injuries, incidents, behavior issues (such as his fear of fly swatters), and the like are very important things to know about them before adoption.

Four: Ask about whether the shelter or pound allows play dates in which you can take your potential adoptee out for a day or even a few hours to learn about how he does with you and your family. The pound environment really has a negative effect on the way dogs act.

Five: Ask questions! It never hurts to ask as many questions as you have in mind about dogs before adopting one. Even if you have owned them in the past, there are always new things to learn about dogs. The shelter staff should be more than happy to help you and if they are busy, ask a veterinarian; they tend to be very willing to help potential dog owners learn about dogs.

By following a few simple steps and guidelines, adopting a dog from the pound can be a very rewarding and positive experience.

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