Giving Shots to a Dog or Puppy

Although many people fret when it comes to giving shots to their precious dogs, the task of giving the shot itself doesn’t have to be so difficult and with the right amount of care and consideration, you can give your dog or puppy its shots right from home.

You can buy the Distemper/Parvo/Bordetella booster shots for your dogs from local feed stores. This shot can be given right at home and can save you quite a bit of money, as many vets charge a visit fee to get the dog its shots. However, the rabies shot has to be given by a licensed veterinarian as it is a federal requirement for safety.

Giving the shot itself to your dog, although daunting, is not as hard as many believe. Usually, the shot package comes with a syringe and two little bottles. One bottle has the vaccine “cake,” which is the powder and the other has liquid. You simply use the syringe to remove the liquid and then squirt it into the powder and shake it up well. When you are ready, turn the bottle upside down and put the needle into it. Gently pull it back until all of the liquid is in the syringe.

Make sure to tap the needle and remove all the air that is inside of it by gently pressing the syringe until a little liquid comes out. In order to give the shot to your dog, just pull up the scruff of the neck between your thumb and index finger until you get what looks like a little tent or arch that forms from the dog’s skin below your fingers. This is where you will insert the needle. After quickly (not slowly) inserting the needle, simply pull back very little on the syringe to ensure no blood comes into it. If no blood appears, go ahead and inject the shot.

Although this process can be hard for squeamish folks, it is not too difficult for those who can get over the squeamish aspect of the needles. The process is very quick and most dogs will barely notice.

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