Leash Training Your Dog

We have all probably had to deal with a dog that pulls on the leash like crazy. We know that this behavior is quite annoying but we usually have no idea how to fix it. A good thing to keep in mind when leash training your dog, is the reason he does so. In a dog’s mind, all he knows is that he needs to get further; this is what is consistently running through his mind when he is pulling. So, in order to train him to stop pulling, you must simply show him that by pulling he will not get any further. Here is how:

Start in a street or on the sidewalk; somewhere that your dog really wants to go somewhere by pulling. Place him at your side at a sit and then slowly begin walking. As usual, he should probably charge ahead of you if he is a puller. Simply turn completely around and walk in the opposite direction. When he passes you going that direction, turn around again. At this point, he probably won’t begin to understand what you are trying to show him. But if you continue to walk the other direction every single time he passes your side, soon he will realize that for some reason he is not moving anywhere. This will get frustrating to him and then he should stop pulling simply because he is losing interest in walking in circles. Once he does this, walk forward until he passes you once again (because he realizes he is actually going somewhere finally) and then turn around one more time. At this key point he may begin to understand that what he is doing is causing him to be held back –and it’s not just his owner being weird.

Keep in mind that because a dog’s drive to “move further” is so strong, he will probably take a little while to grasp this new knowledge. But take him out once a day and do this exercise (do not walk him and let him pull you as this is counterproductive)and he will learn to walk on a loose leash sooner than you think!

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