Teaching Your Puppy Not to Bite

Puppies tend to be nibblers and it is our job to train them not to do so –unless we want them nibbling on us until they have much bigger mouths! Teaching a puppy not to bite is simple and can be done quickly if everybody gets involved. Many believe in pinching the nose of the puppy or grabbing and pulling his tongue, but methods such as these are not necessary. The puppy will learn just as easily by being ignored for his wrong-doings.

You must start by free playing with your pup. Don’t hold back, let them play and play and enjoy spending time with them. The second they put their teeth on you pull your hands away from them, stop being exciting, and end play time. Wait a couple of minutes and then repeat this process whole process. The puppy will absolutely hate that you do not want to play anymore. He may not realize just what you are trying to do at this point, but with a few sessions he will understand. Also, keep in mind that everybody in the household (children and all) need to be involved with this process. If one person allows the puppy to bite and another person doesn’t, he will simply be confused. So always make sure you enforce the no-bite rule with everybody.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a puppy teethes, and this causes his discomfort, which in turn causes chewing a biting. By simply buying him chew toys and frozen dog teething wrings, you can curb a lot of this behavior and have a happy healthy puppy.

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