The Importance of a Dog Health Certificate

A dog health certificate is important in many cases. Sometimes they are used for air travel and other times they are used for litters of puppies. They provide both you and the people dealing with your dog with the necessary info they need to make sure the dog is cared for properly if he has an un-contagious illness, as well as whether he is healthy or not.

Airports require a health certificate to prove the breed of your dog (as many breeds don’t handle flying well in certain temperatures) and to ensure that your dog is healthy enough to handle the little bit of stress that is involved with flying. Health certificates are also a valuable thing to have when you adopt or buy a puppy from somebody as they state whether the pup was healthy or had any type of small illnesses when they were puppies.

In order to obtain a health certificate, the dog or puppy has to be vetted and the vet must clear the dog of illnesses and parasites. Once this is done, the vet will give you a paper that states that the dog is healthy and fit. If the dog is not healthy or fit, it will state on the health certificate that there were concerns regarding the health of the dog. In this case, the puppy would need to be treated or the dog flying would need to be taken care of before he flew, depending on the illness of course.

Health certificates are a very valuable thing to have in any case. They give you proof that the dog is healthy and if he is not healthy while the certificate says he is, something can be done about it –especially if that was a puppy from a litter.

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