The Most Commonly Prescribed Dog Medicine

There is a variety of different types of dog medicines that are prescribed on a regular basis for various things. It is good to know more about these dog medicines and what they do for your dog. Here are the most popular medicines you will see and what they are prescribed for.

Diphenhydramine – Frequently prescribed dog medicine that is used to treat allergic reactions in dogs. It is used for snake and insect bites as well as any other common allergic reactions. It is the same ingredient in Benadryl, which is commonly used for both people and dogs.

Amoxicillin – A dog medicine that is made to treat respiratory and mouth infections, as well as infections that come about by bite wounds. It can cause nausea in your dog, but you can help curb that by feeding him before he takes it.

Rimadyl –This is a dog medicine which is similar to our Advil that is safe for dogs. It is used to treat pain and inflammation and is also frequently used for arthritis. It can cause severe symptoms such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, and sometimes even stomach ulcers. Always feed your dog before taking any pain medicine.

Deramaxx –This dog medicine much like Rimadyl, but it is generally used to treat your dog for arthritis. However, long-term use of Deramaxx has been proven to cause life-threatening ulcers and negative side effects. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor about this and see how you can help prevent them.

People tend to be fearful about giving their dogs medicine. However, keep in mind that as long as you follow instructions from your trusted vet, you should have little to no negativities happen. Always make sure that you speak to your vet about giving your dog medicine and never re-use the medicine of other pets. The medicine was prescribed differently for them and you take a huge risk when re-using it –including overdose.

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