Training Your Dog to “Come”

We have all had to deal with those dogs that refuse to come. The most important thing you can do to ensure your dog comes to you when he is called is to never, ever punish him for running away when he comes back to you. This will only teach him that coming to you will get him punished. In order to train your dog to come to you, it is vital that you show him that you are something that is fun and exciting! This is what dogs like and this is what will teach him that you are far more interesting that what he is going after.

Start by putting him on a long training leash or having him in a fenced yard. Ensure you have treats ready for him for reinforcement when he comes to you. Put him at the end of the leash or place yourself at one end of the yard and say “come” loudly and happily. Be very happy and use high, exciting voices. When he comes when he is called, praise him like crazy and give him treats. Now, we all know it is simple to get a dog to come to you when he’s at the end of a leash or in a yard. But at this point, you are teaching him to come when he is called and showing him that you are exciting and interesting so that when you are outside with him and when there are distractions, he has already been trained to come when he is called.

Try to remember when you are out and about to work with him amidst all the distractions. And keep in mind that you should always be exciting with him, even when you are mad. If he is running after a cat, you may firmly tell him “no” or “leave it” to get make him stop. But when it comes time to make him come to you, be happy and intersting and he will learn to always come to you when he is called.

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