Training Your Dog to “Lie Down”

Training you dog to “lie down” is a very important command and in combination with “stay” can actually save his life if the need arose. By shouting for your dog to “lie down” and “stay,” you may actually save him from running into the path of an oncoming car. To begin this life saving training combo, you must begin with “lie down.”

First, tell your dog to “sit.” This is the first step and the foundational command for all of the commands and tricks you will train your dog to do. When he is seated, ensure that he remains calm before you begin working with him –this helps him to have a clear and undistracted mind. When he is calm, place a treat the size of your fingernail in front of his nose and slowly bring it down between his front legs while saying “lie down.” If his rear comes off the ground to reach the treat, start over from “sit.” Gently pull the treat from his nose to the floor until he lies down to reach it. As soon as he is lying down all the way, give him lots of praise and the treat. You are training your dog to “lie down.”

Repeat this until your dog is lying down because you are telling him to and not because you are guiding him. As soon as he does that, you have trained your dog to “lie down.”

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