Training Your Dog to “Sit”

One of the first and most important training commands for a dog to learn is “sit.” Training your dog to “sit” is the biggest stepping stone to other commands and tricks. It is the foundation.

First get your dog’s attention. The best way to do this is to use treats for positive reinforcement. Ensure that he is facing toward you and talk to him. Say “look at me” and hold the treat by your nose. When he looks at you, give him the treat, if you do this simple act before you do anything with your dog, he will soon learn to look at you on command.

Take another treat (mind you, these are small –maybe the size of a fingernail) and hold it just over his nose. Slowly move the treat over his head toward his rear while saying “sit.” If he spins to get the treat, start over. By slowly pulling the treat back over his head, it will naturally drop his rear to the floor (remember, spinning isn’t allowed). As soon as his butt hits the floor, shower him with praise and give him the treat. You have just begun training your dog to “sit.”

Repeat this process until your dog sits without too much guidance (ie: he is sitting because of the word and not the lead). Once he’s doing that, you have taught your dog to “sit.” Soon, you can begin training your dog to hold his sit. In order to do train your dog to hold his sit, you simply have to hold the treat in your hand longer just after he sits down; but not too long, as he is still learning. It is good to slowly increase the time in which you make him wait.

Keep in mind that pronouncing, “sit” like, “sit, sit, sit, sit” will train your dog that you need to say the word many times before he will do so. Firmly say “sit” one time per attempt. Always remember to be patient. Your frustration will spread to the dog resulting in a negative training session.

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